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Frequently Asked Questions about the Move Planner

How does the Move Planner work?

The Move Planner shows you move tasks that are relevant to your move date and move style. You can navigate through the Planner by clicking on the NEXT WEEK and LAST WEEK buttons. You can delete completed tasks by clicking the DELETE button. If you prefer to keep track of your completed tasks, click the DONE button instead. The DONE button will "cross-off" your completed tasks.

How do I personalize my move tasks?

We recommend that you personalize your tasks in order to get the maximum use out of the Move Planner. If you personalize your Move Planner, you will see tasks that are relevant to your move style. For example, you’ll see pet-related tasks if you are a pet owner.

After you Log In to the Move Planner, you can personalize your tasks by clicking the link that says, "Click here to personalize my tasks". Once you are in the personalization page, check-off the personalization that is relevant to you. Then click the SUBMIT button.

Will the personalization information I submit remain secure and confidential? will not share, sell, or rent your personalization data. We use your personalization data to display/email you personalized tasks only. Your personal details and credit card information are protected using Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption technology and stored on a secure internal computer system. For information on’s Privacy Policy, please click here.

How do I add a move task that is specific to me?

At the bottom of each calendar page, click on the ADD A TASK button. Select a date for your task and type in a summary of your desired task. Click the ADD button when you are done.

How do I unsubscribe?

We hope that you don’t unsubscribe to our email service! We would prefer to receive your feedback about making the Move Planner better (so you stay subscribed!) If you are tempted to unsubscribe, click here and send us an email. We’d love to hear your feedback!

In order to unsubscribe to weekly email reminders, please click here. Remember, you’ll need to Log In. After you Log In, click on the link that says, "If you want to change your email address, password, or move date, click here." Update your email preferences and then click the SUBMIT button.

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