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Keeping in Touch with Friends

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One of the hardest parts about moving is saying goodbye to old friends. Afterward, especially during the initial flurry of trying to put down roots in a new place, keeping in touch can be difficult. Here are some ways to make it easier:
A few years ago, letters and phone calls were the main forms of long-distance communication (and by all means, there's nothing wrong with them!), but today, thanks to the Internet, we've got more options for staying in touch.
Before you move, make sure you'll be easy to find. Register for a change of address forwarding service that will insure uninterrupted service of all your mail. Click here for more information on this service.
Sign up for one of the free email accounts which allow you to stay in touch through instant messaging. The most popular are from AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.
Join a social network site, like Myspace or Tickle.
Send an ecard. It's a fun and easy way to say hello.
Schedule group chats in private chat rooms at egroups.com. It's almost like meeting for coffee!
Create a website for you and your friends to post pictures, share music and the latest news.
Or you can do a combination of new and old. Clare McLean, a freelance writer in Seattle, schedules phone calls via email with her friends in New York. "Between busy schedules and time zone differences, emailing ahead of time just makes sense," she says.
Staying in touch after a move doesn't have to be the impossible task it may seem. With a little dedication, your friendships can continue on and on.
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