School Reports Glossary


Adult Education Classes -

Programs offering GED or equivalent courses for adults within regular schools, whether classes are held during evening or daytime schedules. An asterisk (*) will be shown if the school’s primary function is to serve adult students.

Advanced Placement Classes -

These are college-level classes offered at the high school level and which upon completion of a final comprehensive examination, earn the student college credits.

Alternative Programs -

Alternative education offers a specialized curriculum designed to meet the needs of a particular group of students. Students may be levels or grades behind, have behavioral problems, need small classroom settings and are often at risk of dropping out of school. If the record shows the value "P", it means that the school has an alternative schools program within a normal school.


Before/After School Programs -

Also known as "extended Day" programs where the school day is expanded to accommodate working parents.

Bilingual Education -

Indicates whether the district offers bilingual education within one or more of its schools.

Blue Ribbon School -

Blue Ribbon Schools are schools awarded this designation by the secretary of education for displaying qualities such as high student achievement and high rates of parental involvement.


Charter School -

Schools that have received "charters" from a school district or state department of education to operate independently. Governed by a community board.

City -

This is the city in which the school is located.

Coalition of Essential Schools -

A national network committed to re-inventing school design, classroom practice, leadership and community connections.

College Bound Seniors -

Percentage of graduating seniors with two- and four-year college plans.

County Name -

This is the name of the county in which the school is located.

County Number -

This represents a three-digit Federal Information Processing Standard code for the name of the county.


District End Date -

This is the last day of school in the district’s School Year.

District Start Date -

This is the first day of school in the district’s School Year.

District Type -

This is the classification modeled after federal government coding such as Regular District, Non-Operating District etc.


Educational Climate -

With classifications such as High, Above-Average and Low, the educational climate is based upon the social and economic conditions of a school’s related zip code(s).

Enrollment By Grade -

Enrollment by the specified Grade.

Expense Per Pupil (Instructional) -

Dollar expenditures on instructional materials per pupil (indicated as a dollar range).

Expense Per Pupil (Other) -

All other expenses per pupil (besides instructional expenses).


Full-Time Teachers -

Number of full-time classroom teachers at an institution.


Gifted and Talented -

Students identified as gifted and talented based upon intellect or high test scoring, academic aptitude, creative or productive thinking, leadership ability, visual and performing arts skills and psychomotor ability, such as practical, spatial, mechanical and physical skills.

Grade Span -

Span of grades available in the school.

GreatSchools Rating -

GreatSchools Ratings compare a school’s test performance to statewide results. Ranging from 1 to 10, the highest rated schools in the state are designated as "Above Average" and the lowest "Below Average."


Highest Grade Level -

Highest grade level for which there is instruction.


International Baccalaureate -

Programs offered by the International Baccalaureate such as the diploma program for students in the final two years of secondary school, the middle years program for students aged 11 to 16 and the primary years program for students aged 3 to 12.


Kindergarten Enrollment -

Enrollment by grade – kindergarten.


Literacy Challenge Grant -

Lowest Grade Level -

Lowest grade level for which there is instruction.


Magnet School -

Typically, specialty schools, but Magnet Schools are schools that have been developed to act as a magnet; i.e. draw in students who otherwise would not be attracted to the school.


Number of Classrooms -

The number of classrooms within a given school that are used for educational and instructional purposes.

Number of Elementary Schools -

Count of elementary schools within the school district.

Number of Middle Schools -

Count of middle schools within the school district.

Number of High Schools -

Count of high schools within the school district.

Number of Schools in District -

The number of open public schools attached to a district.

Number of Students in School -

The number of students enrolled and phone-verified within the given school.


Percentage in Poverty -

Percentage of population within the area meeting the federal classification of poverty.

Person Number -

This represents a sequential number for each person within an institution.

Phone -

This is the phone number for the school.


School Address -

This is the physical address of the school.

School District Name -

This is the name of the district in which the school is located.

School Name -

This is the full name of the school.

School Type -

This is the classification of the school, such as Public, Private, Catholic.

Site-Based -

A school that has budget authority.

Special Education Classes -

A school or program within a school that provides services and training to students with moderate to severe mental and/or physical disabilities. An asterisk (*) will be shown if the school’s primary function is to serve as a special education campus.

State -

This is the state in which the school is located.

Students in District -

Number of students attending schools in the district.

Students Per Grade -

The ratio of students per grade within the school. If there is insufficient data from the vendor, "Not Reported" will be displayed.

Student/Teacher Ratio -

This is a ratio that tells us how many students there are in proportion to the number of teachers.

Sub-District Name -

This is the name of the sub-district associated with the name of a particular school.

Substance Abuse -

Indicates whether the district has a substance abuse program.


Teachers/Students -

The number of teachers and students.

Technology Measure -

An indicator developed to indicate the presence of electronic technology in schools that accounts for their different sizes, populations etc.

Total Dollar Expenditures -

The institutional total expenditure amount, excluding capital outlay and debt retirements.


Ungraded Enrollment -

Available data for public buildings in every state.


Vocational/Technical Curriculum -

Courses in a vocational/technical curriculum offered within a comprehensive school, usually at a senior high school level. An asterisk (*) will be shown if the school’s primary function is as a vocational/technical campus.


Website -

The school’s website address (URL).


Year Round Classes -

An institution operating regular classes throughout the calendar year.



This is the zip code for the city in which the school is located.

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