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Helping Kids Settle During Relocation

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Moving isn't a challenge, it's an adventure! When your kids move to somewhere new, there are some main topics of fear to confront for them: new home, new friends, and a new school. Here are some tips for you to help guide your children through this period of change - and don't miss our article on Helping Kids Move:
 - Make it a priority to get your child settled into their room so they can feel more comfortable with their surroundings and begin to adapt.
 - Routine is a very important part of children's lives. Maintain the old rituals of homemade pancakes on Saturday morning, or whatever you do together, right away.
 - Get your child involved with sports teams, clubs and school activities as soon as you can. Click here for an article on How to Adapt to a New School.
 - Encourage your child to make new friends and invite them over. The neighborhood is a very good place to start, so don't let them be couch potatoes! You might even consider throwing a housewarming party to meet other families in the neighborhood.
 - Let the kids stay in touch with old friends through an occasional phone call or email. You may want to get them their own stationery set and stamps so they can write letters! Click here for other ideas on how to stay in touch.
 - Becoming acquainted with the new area should be something you do with the entire family shortly after moving in. Finding a local pizza parlor will not only be a nice break from unpacking, but it's a good way to integrate yourselves within the community! Explore local sights, museums and recreation areas too - even check the local paper for activities going on.
Adjusting to a new environment brings a lot of unknowns into a child's life. Helping your kids settle into their new environment will be a blessing for everyone. And it only takes a little planning and guidance from you!
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