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Packing for the Short Haul

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Strategy is an important part of moving. There are so many different aspects to consider like cost, time and safety. When people make a short distance move they tend to overlook these details. But the importance of packing things properly is still there. After all, the chance of breaking items in a 20 minute drive is just as likely as in an 8 hour drive. Click here for tips on packing.
However, short distance movers do have the advantage of minimizing costs since there is usually more flexibility in time between leaving your current residence and getting settled into your new place. Having friends and/or family help move a few boxes every day for a week can make the move an easy, less tiresome transition. Renting a small, inexpensive truck for a day of driving back and forth between homes is also a good way to get the move done (especially if you're on a tight budget or in a time crunch).
Of course, the option of having a professional mover is still there. One way to minimize part of this cost is by packing things yourself and having the mover load and empty the truck.
Make your short distance move and easy one. For more information on rental trucks and professional movers, click here.
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