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Postponed Move

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The big move is only 4 weeks away...uh, wait...It's now 9 weeks away!
Having a delay in your move can certainly complicate matters. Maybe the construction of your home isn't complete, the previous owner had a family emergency and can't vacate the home as scheduled or there is a delay in the start of a new job. No matter the reason, it's time to regroup. And if you've been preparing for moving day, at least you're ahead of the game! Click here to use our Relocation Wizard for a customized moving timeline.
Now what can you do with those extra few weeks (or months)? And how are you suppose to live out of semi-packed boxes for the time being? Here are a few ideas on how to get through this setback and make lemonade with those lemons.
  • First, notify your landlord or apartment complex of the extension and make sure you can stay there until the new move date.
  • Reschedule the move with your vanline or truck rental company.
  • Postpone any utilities hookups you'd planned.
  • If you've ordered furniture, blinds or other items directly from a manufacturer, let them know about your postponement and schedule a new delivery date.
  • If your change of address has already gone through, make sure you can get mail at that address.
  • Check to be sure you've changed your insurance. For example, extending renters insurance and postponing the start of your homeowners insurance.
  • Start shopping! Take advantage of sales that come up to buy things you might need in the new house - like ceiling fans, shower curtains, etc. This will also help to spread out expenses.
  • If you're moving out of state, spend some extra time with the people you'll be leaving behind. Click here for ideas on how to stay in touch with them after you leave.
  • If you're moving out of state, do some things that up until now you wish you'd had time for! Maybe it's visiting the local museum or a certain restaurant.
  • Take the time to have a garage sale and make some money off the things you no longer need.
  • Pack things properly while taking inventory of each item. Click here for Packing Tips.
  • Learn more about the new area you're moving to by reading books or looking at maps.
  • If your spouse has not found a job in the new area yet, this could be a good time to start searching and get interviews lined up. Click here to read an article on Trailing Spouse.
By having this extra time before you move you'll have the chance to get things done leisurely and efficiently! But what can you do if you're forced to leave your current residence as scheduled, even when your next residence isn't ready? There are a few options. If staying with family or friends is not one of them, consider putting your things in storage and staying in temporary housing.
Moving is a series of tasks, so when completing one is delayed it can be frustrating. But be patient and realize that everything should eventually work out.
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