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Tips on Marketing Your Business

Keys to success when working with online moving leads

Move™ is committed to providing the highest quality moving leads for our clients. To achieve this goal, Move™ has compiled a list of suggestions and ideas from clients who have had great success working with our leads:

  • One of the reasons people use the Internet is the speed of access to information -- therefore, the response time to contact a lead is critical. Research shows that most consumers expect a response within 24 hours
  • Get the customer on the phone! Normally 3-5 contact attempts in the first 48 hours are necessary to contact the customer to set up an appointment and/or generate interest.
  • Immediately respond to the Internet lead with an introductory email with information on your company and anticipated contact. Try an automated response letter each time a lead is generated to touch base right away
  • Point out the value of your company’s services. Educate your potential customer on moving service pitfalls and why these pitfalls do not exist with your company.
  • Deliver on what you promised and get referrals and/or testimonials. Testimonials are very effective. Keep copies of letters from satisfied customers handy to provide to consumers. A mover is only as good as his reputation.
  • Know your competition. Be able to answer the question - what makes you different from them? However, remember that consumers are cautious of companies that knock their competition. Be careful about criticizing other moving firms in an attempt to make yourself look better.
  • Be able to make the customer understand the 3 most important reasons to do business with you - Price, Value and Service. Many times it is difficult to achieve all 3 - it is important to have the customer feel they are getting the best Value and Service for the Price they are being charged.
  • Be aware of common consumer concerns - Are you licensed? Are you insured? Do you have complaints on file with the BBB? Are you a member of the AMSA or other local State Moving Association? Consumers may or may not ask these questions directly. Be sure to address these questions to remove the concern.

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